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So much more than just an online store!

How Montessori eshop came to be?

We met in 2015 and when we started working together, we quickly realised that we are more than just regular work colleagues. We "work together" more than well. Each of us has a unique set of skills which complements the other. We are a very effective team and we get a lot of work done. Exactly because of this we decided that though we are very busy working at the training centre, we want to create Montessori eshop. Montessori eshop is our “going one step beyond” the training centre's work. We don't just make it possible for people to train in our trainings. We also provide to them support in setting up and equipping their Montessori classrooms. We also help all other teachers who are looking to buy good quality Montessori materials in a meaningful and cost efficient way. 

Julie Mertlíková

Co-founder of Montessori eshop

I studied economics and international trade at the University, but contrary to my education I spent most of my professional life caring for children whom I dearly love. And because I love to do what I do well, one day I decided to take the AMI 3-6 Diploma Course. I wanted to really get to know the child and I wanted to open my own Montessori school. After I graduated from the course, I started working as Projects Manager at Montessori Institute Prague and have been part of the training centre team since. I decided not to have my own school. Instead I help Montessori schools in the Czech Republic to network, share and grow. I combine my economics and management education with my knowledge of Montessori principles and philosophy and I feel that I am making a real difference in the lives of these organisations. Operating Montessori eshop is a piece of a puzzle which fits this whole picture very well.

Miroslava Vlčková

Co-founder of Montessori eshop

I am a mom of four children for whom I established Montessori schools Andilek in Prague. We wanted to do Montessori well, and therefore we needed to train people. I contacted AMI and brought the first AMI training to Prague. In 2010 I founded Montessori Institute Prague, the AMI training centre in the Czech Republic. Through hosting the 2017 International AMI Montessori Congress in Prague we connected with the global Montessori community and the work of our training centre began to develop in an amazing way. And so I started thinking how else can we support our graduates, and I realised that we could offer them make use of the international partnerships we have developed - with Nienhuis and Montessori Pierson Publishing House. The next logical step was establishing Montessori eshop.